Standing in a long queue waiting for hours sucks. But no more rush with all automating ordering process to boost turnover and reduce costs. They currently offer mobile ordering technology as well as self-service kiosk. Both these solutions allow Singaporean patrons to place their orders without a staff member needing to attend to them. With Singapore’s labor costs increasing, there’s no better time to adopt an efficient self-serve model and put the power in your customers’ hands – especially if you run a quick-serve business.

Easy Payment and Order placing

Once you order your system it can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. We promise quick configuration and easy setup, 24-hour support, and an experience that your customers will enjoy returning to again and again.

Customers can use their smartphones, tablets, and iPads for everything these days to place orders through an E-menu? In addition, one can customize their order, much quicker easy, and efficient.

Bill Payment terminals are the typical utility payment kiosks, which help the end-users to pay their bills conveniently without getting in line. Kiosks have become easy of carrying out their activities swiftly and have proved themselves to be able to make the life of both business and customers easier.