virtual annual general meeting that is the long term of Virtual AGM is meeting the organizations and the shareholders and members. This meeting takes place to publish the results reported on business discussed, and resolutions are voted on. The stunning fact is that this all happens in a virtual platform, rather than a face to face event.

The restrictions, especially because of the pandemic on gatherings, have been the main catalyst to such a modification of rules, which has made people accept such a virtual technology, especially for annual meetings. The only important part of such meeting is to check whether people follow all the rules and regulations.

Some of such rules are:

  • Must have a good Internet connection or, in other words, a host server which can allow one to attend the meeting without any interruption
  • Make sure that only people who have the right can vote.
  • Support live Question and Answer sessions. This helps one to stay interested throughout the meeting
  • Allowing members to cast a vote during the live meeting just like now they would attend in person

Why Virtual AGM

A change from the physical meeting to the online meetings was a drastic change for many people, especially after the pandemic hit. With online classes, online meetings, online exams, everyone is anxious about making mistakes. However, such transitions need not be worried about as long as one accepts; this is a part of life.

To conclude, meetings like Virtual AGM have proven to be very effective, and there is also high participation amongst the meetings and the shareholders. The only thing one should remember while attending or conducting such meetings is to make sure one follows the company’s rules and regulations during the meeting.