Every hotel owner wants to make sure that their hotel operations are running efficiently, from administration to reservation to managing customer data to accounting. Thankfully, hotel property management software can help them achieve that.

A hotel property management system is typically software that helps hoteliers optimize their front-office operations by replacing time-intensive and paper-heavy processes. An effective hotel property management system can benefit a hotel in so many ways. For instance, it can help hoteliers manage their customer data efficiently, automate tasks, improve internal operations, improve guest experience, and save time.

But for the hotel property management system to offer these benefits, it must possess certain features. Here are the top features of a hotel property management system that can make it work effectively and efficiently.

  • Reservation

Nowadays, most hotel bookings are done online. That’s why a hotel property management system must have a reservation module to help manage online bookings. A hotel reservation system has all inventory data and dates and sends this information to the front desk. The hotel reservation system software should be integrated with the website booking engine. If a hotel already uses its own reservation software, they need to make sure that the property management software integrates with that particular system.

The reservation system should include key functions, such as room bookings, collection of e-payments, management of room inventory and allocation, etc.

  • Front-desk operations

This is also another crucial product of hotel property management software. It allows front-desk staff to view and update room reservation status, check in and out guests, issue key cards, process payments, issue receipts, etc.

  • Revenue management

This system provides a secure and straightforward interface for tracking, analyzing, and managing payments. It typically accepts online payments, validates credit or debit card details, and even tracks and manages outstanding charges in case of non-payment.

Hotel property management software can help hoteliers implement flexible, data-driven revenue management strategies. They can track vital performance indicators, such as occupancy, average daily rate [ADR], revenue per available room [RevPAR], etc. The revenue management module allows hoteliers to come up with optimal rates for their rooms.

  • Housekeeping

A hotel property management system housekeeping module helps connect housekeeping staff to the front office. A front office manager can be able to make a list of tasks to assign, while housekeepers can update the status of the rooms. If the hotel reservation system software is cloud-based, housekeepers will simply update the states of the rooms via tablet or mobile app.

The housekeeping module typically includes management of room status, keeping a list of tasks for housekeepers, and maid assignments for room cleaning based on floor location.

  • CRM and customer data management

Of course, it is very important for hoteliers to collect and manage guest data so that they can keep in touch with them before, during, and after their stay. A CRM integrated with reservation and the front-desk system can collect and organize guest contact details and other essential data. Hoteliers can use the data to develop effective marketing strategies and loyalty programs that can help them offer a more personalized guest experience.