What are the games offered at the virtual escape room?

There are many games offered at the escape room, the games can be pure video games as well as small workshops or activities. All of the games contribute to building the team stronger, by improvising the communication between the members.

These games include bubble soccer, pool ball, saber tag, laser tag, candle making, art jamming, bullet strike, bounce fit, terrarium, and more. The games can be played between any number of players, the count may vary from 2 to unlimited. To get the full list of games that can be played click here.

Is there a virtual escape room for kids?

Yes, a virtual escape room is suitable for every age group. Though the kids above the age of 10 will be able to solve the puzzles effectively, there is no harm in sending them to the escape room. The escape room also has a kid version of the events, these are completely suitable for kids to learn more in less time. The escape room can be customized according to your needs. To book your appointment at Virtual Escape Room Singapore click here.

The escape room will sharpen the memory of the kids and build up a curious nature to discover the unknown things. The kids can catch up with the new things easily and the escape room is a good place to build their team spirits. The rates for the kids are more affordable than that of the adults and there is no better deal than that.

You can arrange birthdays, party events, and more at a virtual escape room. The team manages the whole event, just gives the details and all your work is done. To know more details click on Virtual Escape Room Singapore.