It cannot be stressed enough the importance of getting the correct battery for proper application and usage. All batteries follow the same routine of providing power to different devices, whether big or small, to do their intended function. Picking the best battery to use in the situation should be considered carefully, as choosing the wrong one can lead to devastating consequences. These consequences may cost you more money than necessary to repair things.

Heavy-duty batteries are big batteries that, while compact and small, output a considerable amount of electricity. The output can be compared to what you might find in your home outlets. There are two variations of heavy-duty batteries, chassis batteries and deep cycle batteries, like a 12V deep cycle lithium battery you can find in a hardware store. There is a stark difference between these two battery types, and differentiating between them can help you avoid mistakes if you choose the wrong one.

To learn more about these batteries and their uses and advantages, keep reading. Remember, when purchasing a battery, do your research to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Chassis Battery

Of the two heavy-duty batteries, chassis batteries have the distinguishing trait of producing the most amount of current when you turn them on. Chassis batteries are constructed to allow for huge but short bursts of electricity which can help other devices that need a little extra power.

One of the best uses for a chassis battery is when you need to jump-start something heavy like a car or a machine. Have you ever tried to start your vehicle and the battery was dead? The best way to assist with this is by using a chassis battery.

It should be noted that due to how electricity is generated by these batteries, they are only suitable for short periods of use. Extended usage will cause damage to your device as well as the battery, with some situations leading to it bloating and losing the ability to hold a charge.

Deep Cycle Battery

In contrast to chassis batteries, deep cycle batteries are the complete opposite in terms of outputting electricity. Deep cycle batteries provide a more stable but significantly weaker electrical output compared to a chassis battery, but they are more reliable than a chassis battery because of their stability. For this reason, they might be the better choice depending on why you need them.

Deep cycle batteries can perform a wide variety of functions, such as charging other devices, jump-starting cars at a slower pace than the chassis battery, and storing energy from renewable sources. Deep cycle batteries are considerably more durable than chassis batteries, providing the benefit of a longer shelf-life.

If you’ve been considering a source of electricity for any of your outdoor trips, a deep cycle battery makes the perfect choice as you can easily use them to supply the electricity you need to get your devices or appliances up and running without any decrease in performance.