IT is great, when it works and, if you use a computer then you will be only too familiar with the IT hurdles that you have to regularly overcome in order to get on with your job. Some of which you could sort out yourself instead of hanging around for an IT guy to come and plug a cable in or hit power button on the extension lead, others are best left well alone though or you could end up in a real bind;

Slow computer boot up

There may be a number of reasons for a computer that boots (starts and loads) slowly, you may be aware that most software that is installed on your computer has an option to start with windows. So, this can be a double whammy – often, people just click ‘yes’ as quickly as possible when they install something like software suites for multifunction printers in order to get the software installed as quickly as possible.

What did you say yes to?

Take your time and read the main blurb, otherwise you have no idea what you are saying ‘yes’ to and, nine times out of then, especially if you are installing freeware the programmers will be affiliated with other companies and have tick boxes ‘already ticked’ that, if you don’t ‘un tick’ will also install additional software.

Where did that come from?

You may not want the additional software, often being things like virus scanners or something else that attempts to get you to sign up to a paid subscription. If you have the required system privileges than you should first of all go to the task manager, start up and un check any software that you don’t recognize or that you don’t need to start when windows starts. Then, if there is any software that you don’t recognize or want, go to add or remove apps and uninstall it.

Give it a clean

Once you have uninstalled any software that you don’t want or need it is advisable to run a quick system cleaner because, although the core components of the software you uninstalled are gone there will still be traces left on the systems registry, your computer may try to run commands to registry keys that don’t go anywhere anymore so, get some freeware, something like CCleaner is perfect, run the cleaner and the registry scanner and delete any keys that it picks up. Do be sure however to check the installation blurb and un tick any boxes that are for additional software or you could end up in the same position again.