The Different Types Of Adverts You Can Use On Google

Although you may be currently doing SEO work on your website, it can take time before it starts working, so you may want to consider paid advertising to generate some quick sales. There are many different types of Google ads that you can choose to use, and they can show you an excellent return on your investment when your campaign is well optimised and run. Below are some of the different ways to advertise on the Google network that can prove highly lucrative for your business.

The Different Placement Of Ads On Google

When you look at the various types of ads that Google offers, you can split them into three different categories. These categories are as follows:

Search Network Campaigns: These types of ads are usually text ads and appear on the search results pages of Google when someone searches for something that triggers your keywords selected.

Display Network Campaigns: With these types of ads, they will appear on websites or in apps that people visit, advertising your products or services, and are usually in the form of an image.

Video Campaigns: A video campaign will display the ads on the YouTube network and are in the form of videos that typically last between six and fifteen seconds.

The Different Types Of Ad Formats

There are many formats that your Google ads can take, and it will depend on the product or service you are advertising as to what is best for you. The different formats are as follows:

Text Ads: These ads are in the form of text, and you have a limited number of characters you can use, and you can include a link to a website.

Image Ads: Image ads are static images or animated GIFs that you can advertise your business using.

Video Ads: The video ads can run standalone or inserted to where people are streaming content.

Shopping Ads: These ads appear when a user is looking for a product, and they include an image, title, price, and details about the shop or retailer and appear near the top of the search page.

App Promotion: If your company has an app for your customers, you can promote this and send people to the appropriate place so they can download it for their smartphones, tablets, or other devices.

Using paid ads on Google can be an excellent way to give your business a boost and generate sales. However, it can be a costly experience to learn how to use them correctly, so you may want to consider using the services of a reputable digital agency to optimise and monitor your campaign.