To Maintain Your Pc Optimally And Protected, Install Pc Cleaner and Be Stress-Free

Here are a handful of our opponents’ strategies that we DON’T employ (even though they’re disgusting as well as you deserve something better): Providing “support service” or a complimentary remote desktop diagnosis as a choice for users — wherein when you get through the automatic phone system, you’ll be talking to a committee rep who will upsell you expensive and very often unneeded remote assistance services for $200+.

Reimagining somebody else’s software with restricted or complex functionality to boost service requests to their commission-based salespeople, who then sell you extra remote supportive services because you’ve already acquired their product.  Calls to customer service are routed to an outsourced organization, which is sometimes based in the United States and even in another nation.  Repackaging products, upsells, and advertising other firms’ products on your computer are all examples of technology bundling.  To offer you more items and more Pc Cleaner, they track your mouse movements, the webpages you browse, if you’re using the program and other privacy-compromising concerns on your computer. 

Top things to know about our PC cleaner

Established in 2004 (remember when there was no such thing as Facebook?)

Since we were in university, we’ve become fascinated with increasing the effectiveness and usability of our computers. We designed Cyberlab in 2004 as the malware-eradication, speed-optimization, and privacy-protection solution we’d always desired. Then, because we’re kind like that, we developed a free trial.

Our courteous, customer-focused team is here to help

If you do ever need assistance with Cyberlab, all you have to do is contact us directly or begin a live chat – no annoying robotic call methods for dealing with. 

Works with your existing antivirus program

It would be pointless to use Cyberlab if it caused problems with your other apps. And this is why we ensure that each patch works well with the rest of your equipment, especially your antivirus.

We’re always getting better, and it’s all because of you

In 2004, a motivated businessman and a die-hard PC nerd launched Cyberlab. We’ve rarely lost our enthusiasm for developing excellent software, and we rely on customer reviews to keep improving.

Even the most modern and dependable operating systems begin to show signs of deterioration over time. Remaining files, as well as data from previously removed software, accumulate on your Computer’s hard drive, while infrequently used applications are programmed to run continuously every time you turn on your computer! Furthermore, every time you browse online, surveillance cookies, as well as online files containing safe personal information, are kept on your device. PC Cleaner free defends against this type of digital storing by eliminating extra and unwanted data, making your system less exposed to hackers while also making your Microsoft experience faster and much more productive.


PC Cleaner has been specifically intended to remove undesirable temporary as well as online cache files that websites employ to monitor your online activities in a manner. PC Cleaner parallel inverters software removes these pervasive, sometimes cleverly disguised tracking records quickly and effectively, working to protect your anonymity.