Have you ever desired to send secret information about your work background, to family or companions, but were scared to do so over the web, because some evil pirate could be spying on you?

Privnote.com is free web-based assistance that permits you to transmit top-secret messages over the internet. It’s quick, comfortable, and needs no password or user enrollment at all.

Just write your message, and you’ll get a link connection. Then you copy and paste that link into an email or message that you transmit to the person to whom you like to read the note. When that someone opens the link for the first time, they will notice the note on their web and the note will automatically self-destruct, which suggests no one can read the message again. The linkage won’t work anymore. Even Privnote.com will not be able to read it.

As reported in our last blog post, several counterfeit fraud and phishing sites try to masquerade as Privnote. This post is to report that we have upgraded the grade of our SSL certificate to supply you with an extra class of faith assurance.

In effect, we have established an EV (aka extended validation) grade certificate from DigiCert for our Privnote.com

What are the conditions needed to get an EV certificate?

  • Principal Legal Presence
  • The people describing the business or personal entity are duly and precisely ascertained
  • Physical Presence
  • Ensures that the commodity is a fair lawful establishment
  • Operational Existence
  • Verifies that the business operates with regulated monetary institutions
  • Domain Name Ownership
  • Duly ICANN documented
  • WHOIS general listing
  • Exclusive name ownership to its declared domain.

You can check our EV certificate at any point in time, just push on the padlock on the left side of the privnote.com URL address bar and there you will see listed our business name Gletin S.A. as the certified organisation.

Due to the rage of Privnote as the web assistance to anonymously share encrypted messages since 2008, affected assistance with phishing goals are popping out. Abstain from utilising anything but Privnote.com or your data might be compromised.

There is one and only one Privnote and we don’t own, nor we will have any secondary profession similarly registered or otherwise for sending top personal notes over the internet. Always make sure then that the domain reads https://privnote.com as no other acceptable or valid

In past we have seen many fake URL which seems to be unique and similar such as Privnotes.com not it would be very difficult to identify the S letter not you got it, right?

Privnote.com have uploaded a new understanding of Privnote. Here is the list of some of the differences:

  • As you might understand, on options, you can count an e-mail and a contact so you can be notified as soon as a message is read. We have now coded both, so they are not extended in text in the URL.
  • Privenote.com have added new languages; these are: Turkish, Ukrainian, Italian, Romanian, and both standard and simplified Chinese.