Technology Development Programs (TDP) is to change the confirmation of ideas for the development of pre-serious / business advances/strategies/measures. The commercialization of these advances requires further evaluation/incubation, which does not fall within the scope of the technology development program.

The Transfer Of Technology 

The transfer of the technology created under the task to the business should preferably be the responsibility of the host establishments. Gradual R&D recommendations on current innovations can be considered for help. Recommendations of subject-based ideas for practicality verification will not be considered in the TSDP-DST. Only an undeniable complete proposal for technology/measure/item development will be considered in the TSDP. Projects identified with a Software / IT plan and development will be considered, according to the need for items and cycles, as part of a technology development project.

The Development

The development of unadulterated programming does not fall within the scope of the program. The essential objective of the Program is to stimulate and support the development of items or procedures/technology aimed at explicit end-use. The Program seeks to clearly distinguish the requirements for the development of the technology with the aim that the development effort can be valuable to the objective recipient. Imagine the dynamic inclusion of the client and the relationship in the development effort. The expectation is that the items/advances created in the Program will become valuable in helping individuals at liberty.

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