What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), And Why Is It Important?

SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) aims to increase the amount and quality of hits on websites through organic (= unpaid) search engine results. This makes SEO the central interface between all corporate areas (management, IT, marketing, communication, editing, UX) and the website. A website without strategic search engine optimization can no longer perform today. And search engine optimization doesn’t just happen by itself. As in any other business area, you need experienced experts.

If the SEO strategy is implemented correctly, there is an inexhaustible potential for new customers to become aware of an offer via search engines. This makes SEO which can be handled by catapult revenue the most important of all online marketing disciplines today – at least for companies that market their products and services on their website or refinance themselves through advertising.

  1. To Forego Search Engine Optimization Is Very, Very Expensive

Anyone who still believes today can leave their visibility on Google and Co. to chance should do competition research. And then be amazed. The numbers speak a clear language: without strategic control of your website and continuous analysis of the data, you will slide yourself off the beaten track without even realizing it. Countless companies have lost their market leadership due to their online blindness and have had to give up the faster online competition. Amazon alone has countless companies on their conscience that had nothing to offer online and could not be found. In contrast, Amazon has based almost its entire strategy on SEO.

Without regular optimization of technology and content, there is no longer any chance of being found among millions of websites in search engines!

Anyone who refrains from SEO will sooner or later lose touch and risk losing a lot of money. Because the target group doesn’t find you, they can’t become a customer either. And just placing advertisements is far too expensive in the long run, a bottomless pit. SEO enables not only better and more sustainable findability but also a data-based analysis of your actions. You can always see if you are on the right track or missing the targets. Then you have to change course.

  1. Everyone Uses Search Engines

In the case of mobile searches, the figure is as high as 98 percent. Almost all Internet users in Germany can be reached on Google and Bing. Therefore, search engine optimization is one of the essential core competencies that companies need in the digital age.

  1. You Can Reach New Customers Through Search Engine Optimization

Google is the largest source of traffic for many company websites, as one is more actively looking for companies and products than being showered by them on social media channels. Anyone who follows you on social media already knows you. You can use search engines to find digital walk-in customers looking for something for which you may have the right solution.

  1. People Will Continue To Search In The Future

Search engine optimization is an investment in the future. Although the devices and the preferred platforms change every few years, people are always looking. Whether Siri says, the search result or Google reads our every wish from our lips at some point: whoever starts today will probably still be found tomorrow. SEO is constantly evolving; every good SEO follows the development in the market daily.

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